What I ate Wednesday

2 Nov

One of my big fascinations since starting to read lifestyle blogs (thanks to a fortunate Google which inadvertently took me to the Cosmopolitan blog awards and into a whole world of eating, exercise and style) has been the varied documenting of eats. I’m completely fascinated by how other people eat: it’s so easy to get into a routine and just go with the same-old flow. And I’m discovering new foods: chia seeds, for example, and green smoothies in bowls with nut butters on top. I haven’t plucked up the courage to try them yet, mind…

So, here is my inaugural What I ate Wednesday. I gather I am to place the button here, so:

My day is not Wednesday, it’s Saturday. So, here goes!

Breakfast is, as always, Special K and skimmed milk, with Yorkshire Tea for hard water areas. The tea is a new discovery, and has revolutionised tea-drinking in SmallCity, where most tea tastes like dishwater. No photo, as frankly Special K is Special K. I swear in a year I eat my weight in the stuff.

Lunch – on the run, between errands is my standard go-to: toasted pitta, sliced cucumber, sour cream and chive dip. Completely delicious, and the only thing I know I can eat lunch-in, lunch-out for weeks on end.

My snack, after the gym, is some gorgeous fresh figs:

Then, in the evening, after Londonshrink had finally arrived (he usually appears on Friday evenings, but had to stay in London for a delivery on Saturday morning), my one decent cooking escapade of the week: Madhur Jaffrey’s prawn curry (via Helen at Food Stories). I did a low-fat makeover on the dish, using spray oil and zero-fat Greek yoghurt, but otherwise followed the recipe faithfully. We eat lots of curry, and have an awardwinning Bangladeshi restaurant really close by (as well as faithful Nepalese and Pakistani neighbourhood joints) so I’m not a curry novice. The curries I cook, though, are often so disappointingly bland after the delicate fire of those we’ve grown used to. But this recipe was an absolute winner – a fresh and complex taste with all the spices coming through separately. I had it with cauliflower rice, stirfried with a bayleaf; Londonshrink had basmati. We both had grilled red pepppers and fried onions to garnish. Delightfully, there was enough left over for me to have some for lunch the next day.

So. that is my first What I ate Wednesday!


2 Responses to “What I ate Wednesday”

  1. brokencookiesdontcount November 3, 2011 at 10:08 pm #

    I love to check out what everyone else is eating, too. I need ideas!!!


  1. What I ate Wednesday #2 « commutershrink - November 9, 2011

    […] afternoon they became brilliant roast squash curry (made to last week’s recipe, but spicier!). I served it with a spinach dhal and spiced rice to the Academical Couple who […]

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