Miscellany: goals & shredding

3 Nov

I gather the done thing in the lifestyle blogosphere is to set goals. Here are mine for November (first drafted at Jenn’s place in response to her review of October. Thanks for the encouragement Jenn!)

To blog every day, tuning up my writing and relaxing my mind (daily writing is supposed to be a marvellous discipline and form of self-therapy)
To complete the 30 day shred and then start over again to make it 60 days by mid-December
To put some cash aside for Christmas, and buy at least fifty per cent of the presents I need to get this year for my four loved ones (Londonshrink and I have already bought one another a new year’s trip to Belgrade, so nothing needed for him…
To put aside some cash for said trip to Belgrade
To cook at least four healthy new meals
To practise conscious kindness in my everyday life, especially with those closest to me
Not to drink any alcohol during November unless not to do so would cause offence
Not to buy any new clothes but do only charity-shopping

Sadly, I’ve already broken one of my resolutions: I failed to pack gym bottoms this morning, so had to do a gym-bound mercy dash via M&S’ leggings section this evening.

This was caused, though, by my beflusterment at the HotPants disaster. Mid-Shred, yesterday, after just one outing, the new Groupon’d hotpants shredded themselves, perhaps in sympathy with my screaming muscles. I completed the Shred cycle with one leg of hotpant open down my side and thigh from top to bottom. Thank goodness for M&S full briefs for saving my modesty – there was no way I was leaving my daily session half-done! I rather think the fella next to me was rather careful to keep his eyes on his own posture, though. Anyway, the hotpants are on their way back to Zaggora, wrapped in brown paper and disappointment.

Exercising in said new leggings this evening, I was bemused to find the studio next to me was full of young women in skimpier-than-usual gym gear shimmying up poles. Well! I marched up to the manager at the end of my workout and pointed out, in no uncertain tone, that sexualising the gym space was not what I paid my subs for. I doubt I shall be using that branch of LA Fitness again.

Still, I’ve now completed 19 days of the 30 Day Shred; not even pole-dancers, obstreperous gym managers and shredding Hotpants are going to stop me getting to 30!


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    […] feel lacking in self-will. Two of my November resolutions are already broken. Last night I hosted the Academical Couple for dinner and broke resolution #7 […]

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