What I ate Wednesday #2

9 Nov

It’s that time of week again!

This week’s day is, once again, Saturday! Mainly because that’s the only day I ever really cook properly as opposed to rushing through the same four or five meals. I am so impressed with all the wonderful bloggers out there that eat interesting exciting things every day of the week – but that’s just not me.

Saturday breakfast was, as always, Special K with Yorkshire Tea for hard water areas. Not pictured, as all the fun people are having with Nature’s Path cereals and I’m a bit ashamed of my Kellogg’s thing, especially as the health food shop not half a mile from my house in SmallCity has a wonderful selection… Maybe this’ll be the week I switch!

Lunch was gorgeous and fast: puy lentils and onions fried up in garlic, topped with feta cheese and a couple of pickled red chillies. Delish! Love this photo as you can see the steam rising!

After lunch I fitted in a quick expedition to Lidl – and they had exactly what I hoped! Squashes! Aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t work out if any are the famed kabochas, though.

That afternoon they became brilliant roast squash curry (made to last week’s recipe, but spicier!). I served it with a spinach dhal and spiced rice to the Academical Couple who appeared with a gorgeous dry Reisling (not pictured), having in their Eurocenric way scorned my proffered new world choice.

Afters was some wonderful pomegranates. One of the joys of living on a street full of speciality ethnic grocers is great fruit, vegetables and authentic ingredients for pennies. The road I live off in SmallCity is home to Greek, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Pakistani, Moroccan, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Thai grocery shops, plus small versions of the mainstream supermarkets and a Saturday farmers’ market. The pomegranates – three for a pound! – have been a staple this week.

So this was my Saturday. I’m going to make some food resolutions for this this week: I want to try a smoothie and a chia pudding like these marvellous examples on Laura’s blog. I’m also going to try tahini. Same time next week to see how I get on?


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