Completing the 30 Day Shred

19 Nov

So. I did it! On Wednesday I completed Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred. It took me 32 days to do (with 2 days off – one for a wedding, and one for a work day where I ended up chairing an evening event on a day that already had contained no breaks!), and I am SO PROUD of myself!

These posts are supposed to contain before and after photos, but I’m afraid I didn’t take any photos or measurements before I started. Thinking about it, I think I was so worn down by the blubber surrounding my form that I didn’t want to draw even my own attention to it, so I have nothing but perceptions to base my thoughts on.

When I started, I was 12 stone 12 pounds. I’m now 12 stone 4 – and I’ll take that eight pound weightloss, thank you very much! The key change though is, wow! how different my shape is. I have strength in my arms and legs I didn’t think I had. I can lift weights again. I can do 40 situps without a pause. My balance is transformed. I can run – today a kilometre without stopping. I have lost inches and inches on my worst areas – ribcage and stomach. Being barrel-chested is no fun at all, and means I don’t “go in” like other people under the bust area – plus I have tiny tits. From the side I’m straight up and straight down, no matter how much weight I lose. My mission is to add a bit more definition – some in and out – to my profile. The last month has really helped with this – my waist is more defined, the ribcage isn’t straining against my bra and popping out over the top of my jeans, and my tummy is a gentle curve rather than a bulging roll. (I’m crediting the 30 Day Shred alongside not drinking for two weeks for that.)

Clothes-wise, I’m now a size 14 – squarely in the middle of the dress size. I’ve fitted back into my size 14 dark-blue long length jeans, which is a real achievement. Sadly they’re bootleg, so I look like a 2007 throwback (the last time I fitted into them!) walking about town, but I don’t care – not going to buy anything new while I’ve still got more than a stone to lose. On the topic of fashion whilst dieting, Almost Athletical Ali has a brilliant post on getting through the middles when your old clothes don’t fit but you can’t buy new ones as you won’t fit into them for long…

As you can imagine, I didn’t let getting to 30 days stop me – I’ve turned right round and moved back on to Level 1, and I’m going to march straight through another 30 days, with added ten minutes running at the end each day I can manage. I’m even beginning to worry a bit about what I’ll do over Christmas staying with my folks – there is an LA Fitness near them, but my mum tends to schedule every moment, and I can’t bear the thought of five days with no exercise. Belgrade over new year also presents a problem… but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.


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