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The first post, in numbers

28 Oct

This morning I got on the scales. 12st 12lb. Same as it’s been for two weeks. Static. Plateau’d. Discouraged. Yes.

Is that the only number that matters in my life? No. Here are some other numbers that matter:
18 – the number of pounds I’ve lost since starting to change my life properly on 14 August 2011
56 – the number of miles I commute four times a week
40 – the number of months I’ve been with Londonshrink, my beautiful boy
12 – the number of days I’ve been doing the 30 day shred
1 – the number of posts on this blog, set up to deal with the plateau and discouragement.

If you’re reading this, I’m surprised. You’re very welcome, of course, but I’m not expecting anyone to be interested in the inanities of a commuter girl: working hard, getting up early, watching the scales, fitting in gym time somehow, and trying to cook well and look pretty through it all.

My low down (it’s complicated):
I work in London in a job I adore. I live in SmallCity, which has been home for the best part of a decade and a half. I have commitments here in SmallCity, so I commute.

I’m partnered up with Londonshrink, who’s three months ahead of me in his shrinking journey; seven inches taller; five years younger. The other important number in his life is 1 hour 44 mins – his time in the half marathon earlier this month. Londonshrink is, as his name implies, in London. It wasn’t always this way and, in time, it won’t be again. But for now, we’re living-together-in-two-places.

I work. I commute. I exercise. I watch Deadwood, The Wire and The West Wing. I listen to Freakonomics, This American Life and RadioLab. I cook; I eat out. On holiday I read voraciously. I bookmark articles from Lifehacker and hope to be smart and save money. I love the city I live in. I try to serve others. I don’t call Mum and Dad enough.

If I was at work, I’d make my team write aims and objectives for a new project. I’m not, but discipline is good, even at the weekend. This blog is not, though, the new project in itself; I am. I’m in the game of changing my life, and I find keeping track of the numbers helps. Let’s see how it goes.