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Miscellany: seasonal

10 Nov

Today is the first day in three weeks I’ve not exercised. It’s a measure of how I’ve changed my life in the past month that this is a milestone. I’m now considering what to do when I’ve completed the 30 Day Shred in a week or so; probably another similar programme by Jillian Michaels, to be honest. I just can’t quite trust myself to do the stuff I hate (squats, lunges, planks) without her drill sergeant tones urging me on. Think I’m ready to top it up with a couple of classes – spin and Body Pump for preference.

I’m delighted to have reached 12st 6lbs today. Definitely a size 14, more than halfway to the dare-to-hope 11st where I finally get to be in the healthy BMI range for the first time in my adult life.

The progress has not, though, been helped by the as-yet unreplaced ripped HotPants. Anyone else think Zaggora’s customer services aren’t up to much? Eight days today since I returned them, but no replacement pair has yet appeared.

Christmas’ arrival is inexorable. I love Christmas – not least because five uninterrupted days with my mum is a joy. Christmas is for family, so me and Londonshrink go our separate ways to our own families; we have plenty of time together the rest of the year, but a Christmas without him for his mum or without me for mine would, I know, ruin their days. I adore time with my mum (and my dad and brothers), and that’s one of the most special things about Christmas.