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What I ate Wednesday #4

23 Nov

So, here we are again: another week, another Wednesday. And I’ve been hugging myself with glee thinking about what fun I have to write about for you all this week!

My day this week is Sunday (though the cooking starts on Saturday…).

Breakfast: Dorset Foods’ Gingerbread Porridge (thanks Skinny Latte for the heads-up! There’s tons in my Waitrose, thankfully – although I may be back to clean out the shelves). No photos, as it looked like nothing in the bowl. Obviously, Yorkshire Tea for hard water areas was drunk in skinfuls.

Lunch: edamame in oyster sauce. My standard, delicious, ready-in-three-from-the-freezer lunch or late dinner. So savoury! What does Heston call it? Umami! Yes, that in bags.

Dinner: aha. This is where it gets interesting. Carnitas with tomato, onion, coriander and lime salsa; zero yoghurt; cheese; lettuce, rice and tacos. I was feeding seven, hence the pork shoulder, which looked like this (I forgot to take a photo before I’d wrestled it into two pieces – and yes, that is how much it cost me):

I broke up the shoulder in five pieces, removed the skin and as much fat as I could, then popped it into the slow cooker (in two batches, starting Saturday afternoon and going on overnight). I’ve been wanting to try this amazing recipe for months, and the coincidence of a free Saturday and the need to cook for a big group made it happen, finally. In with the pork went orange and tomato juices, garlic, spices, chillis and tons of chipotle paste. After ten hours’ cooking, it looked like this:

Once it had cooled I shredded the pork (it fell off the bones in my hands) and removed any remaining fatty bits. I then strained the cooking liquid, did the ice-cube trick to take out the liquid fat, and reserved it. I then packed it all up and took it on a two-hour trip with me to Londonshrink’s place in town, where a bevy of hungry (and in some cases, hungover) friends awaited. My Mexican feast was very well received – especially as it provided at least two packed lunches and another Monday night dinner too! Here’s the carnitas and tacos in all their glory:

I was so proud of myself: proper hot spicy food long in the preparation but ready almost instantly. I ate far too many tacos – at least four!

Late night snack: Sunday night, I was on a roll. In front of the telly, I had a lovely homemade chai latte made from this wonderful recipe (in American measures; bear in mind 1 cup of liquid is 8oz, and if you’re using sugar substitute like me, each serving requires about 4 tablespoons rather than the 6.5 the recipe demands). I’ve had to go back and make a second lot already as it was so popular – and now my office are demanding I bring some in for them! Honestly, the recipe is so easy, I swear I’ll just keep making this rather than buying mixes and other teas. I’ve been looking for a late night milky drink for a while, but all the chai latte mixes are so sugar-packed, and I wanted something where I controlled how fattening it was. I also made it with decaf tea so that it’s good for the evening and won’t keep me awake, and I upped the spices so it’s pretty challenging compared to bland high street chain versions. One note of caution, though: if you double the quantities, don’t double the amount of tea as it starts to get bitter.

Here’s the mix in the making:

Here’s the drink itself:

And here’s the two bottles (yes, wine bottles!) of concentrate I have to get through until I need another batch:

I had the chai latte with my one really really unhealthy treat of the weekend: a Green & Black’s mini dark chocolate bar with ginger. They were giving them out free at Baker St tube on Thursday, would have been rude not to… Thankfully Londonshrink and the boys polished off the rest, leaving me free from temptation!

So, there’s my What I Ate Wednesday! Do tell me what you ate…


What I ate Wednesday #3

16 Nov

So, it’s that time of week again!

Today’s day is last Friday.

Breakfast was Special K and Yorkshire Tea for hard water areas, as usual.

Working from home, I forgot to eat lunch (this happens frequently, as I find my groove, get into whatever I’m writing, and the time slips past with not a tummy grumble to mark it) So, it was to be a fridge lunch, and I fancied some quinoa. Googling took me here, and I ended up making this variation on that recipe from my fridge and storecupboard.

50g quinoa
An onion
Spray oil
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp balsamic vinegar
1 garlic clove , crushed
2 tsp ground cumin
Some feta cheese , crumbled
Three big handfuls of spinach , roughly chopped

Chop the onion and fry in the spray oil. Meanwhile make up the quinoa as per the pack. While it simmers, chop the spinach and crumble the feta. Mix up the olive oil, balsamic, garlic and cumin in a small bowl. When the quinoa is done and strained and the onion is fried up nicely, mix together and add the dressing to coat. Stir in the spinach and let wilt slightly. Top with the feta and season.

This is brilliant! I was so pleased that I made it three times this weekend. The sweetness of the onions goes so well with the nuttyness of the quinoa and the sourness of the vinegar. Marvellous.


Dinner was another bowl of the same as it was sooo good, followed by apples heated with vanilla essence & cinnamon, served with zero fat Greek yoghurt. Lovely!


What I ate Wednesday #2

9 Nov

It’s that time of week again!

This week’s day is, once again, Saturday! Mainly because that’s the only day I ever really cook properly as opposed to rushing through the same four or five meals. I am so impressed with all the wonderful bloggers out there that eat interesting exciting things every day of the week – but that’s just not me.

Saturday breakfast was, as always, Special K with Yorkshire Tea for hard water areas. Not pictured, as all the fun people are having with Nature’s Path cereals and I’m a bit ashamed of my Kellogg’s thing, especially as the health food shop not half a mile from my house in SmallCity has a wonderful selection… Maybe this’ll be the week I switch!

Lunch was gorgeous and fast: puy lentils and onions fried up in garlic, topped with feta cheese and a couple of pickled red chillies. Delish! Love this photo as you can see the steam rising!

After lunch I fitted in a quick expedition to Lidl – and they had exactly what I hoped! Squashes! Aren’t they gorgeous? I can’t work out if any are the famed kabochas, though.

That afternoon they became brilliant roast squash curry (made to last week’s recipe, but spicier!). I served it with a spinach dhal and spiced rice to the Academical Couple who appeared with a gorgeous dry Reisling (not pictured), having in their Eurocenric way scorned my proffered new world choice.

Afters was some wonderful pomegranates. One of the joys of living on a street full of speciality ethnic grocers is great fruit, vegetables and authentic ingredients for pennies. The road I live off in SmallCity is home to Greek, Polish, Turkish, Italian, Russian, Pakistani, Moroccan, Bangladeshi, Chinese and Thai grocery shops, plus small versions of the mainstream supermarkets and a Saturday farmers’ market. The pomegranates – three for a pound! – have been a staple this week.

So this was my Saturday. I’m going to make some food resolutions for this this week: I want to try a smoothie and a chia pudding like these marvellous examples on Laura’s blog. I’m also going to try tahini. Same time next week to see how I get on?

What I ate Wednesday

2 Nov

One of my big fascinations since starting to read lifestyle blogs (thanks to a fortunate Google which inadvertently took me to the Cosmopolitan blog awards and into a whole world of eating, exercise and style) has been the varied documenting of eats. I’m completely fascinated by how other people eat: it’s so easy to get into a routine and just go with the same-old flow. And I’m discovering new foods: chia seeds, for example, and green smoothies in bowls with nut butters on top. I haven’t plucked up the courage to try them yet, mind…

So, here is my inaugural What I ate Wednesday. I gather I am to place the button here, so:

My day is not Wednesday, it’s Saturday. So, here goes!

Breakfast is, as always, Special K and skimmed milk, with Yorkshire Tea for hard water areas. The tea is a new discovery, and has revolutionised tea-drinking in SmallCity, where most tea tastes like dishwater. No photo, as frankly Special K is Special K. I swear in a year I eat my weight in the stuff.

Lunch – on the run, between errands is my standard go-to: toasted pitta, sliced cucumber, sour cream and chive dip. Completely delicious, and the only thing I know I can eat lunch-in, lunch-out for weeks on end.

My snack, after the gym, is some gorgeous fresh figs:

Then, in the evening, after Londonshrink had finally arrived (he usually appears on Friday evenings, but had to stay in London for a delivery on Saturday morning), my one decent cooking escapade of the week: Madhur Jaffrey’s prawn curry (via Helen at Food Stories). I did a low-fat makeover on the dish, using spray oil and zero-fat Greek yoghurt, but otherwise followed the recipe faithfully. We eat lots of curry, and have an awardwinning Bangladeshi restaurant really close by (as well as faithful Nepalese and Pakistani neighbourhood joints) so I’m not a curry novice. The curries I cook, though, are often so disappointingly bland after the delicate fire of those we’ve grown used to. But this recipe was an absolute winner – a fresh and complex taste with all the spices coming through separately. I had it with cauliflower rice, stirfried with a bayleaf; Londonshrink had basmati. We both had grilled red pepppers and fried onions to garnish. Delightfully, there was enough left over for me to have some for lunch the next day.

So. that is my first What I ate Wednesday!