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Live to work

1 Nov


I’ve always known that I fall into the “live to work” side of things. I occasionally look with envy and awe at those who work to live, and maintain polymath or portfolio lives, but I know myself well enough to understand that they’ll never be me.

This summer was my ten-year-in-work anniversary. Through six brilliant jobs with five fantastic firms, I’ve learned masses and grown with the advice & mentoring of some incredible women (never men; my industry & specialism are very female dominated.)

As is the way of these things, I now have a team who depend on me to lead and inspire them as I was once led and inspired. And maybe today I’m meditating on commitment to work as one has given his notice. He was headhunted for a once-in-career chance. I am glad for him; our industry will be better for it. But I will miss him.

This is our way, for those who live to work; work is all-encompassing. Our colleagues are ever-present, until they’re not, and that easy intimacy of the familiar daily round is broken, never to be recaptured.